Reveal your style

Dare to disclose your decorative wishes - floors, colors, materials, furniture, objects... Have the courage to let us surprise you and love it! Learn about yourself through design.

Byzance is not here to impose a style but to reveal your style. There is always a part of design education in our approach to give you the means to express and realize your desire for well-being at home or at work.

Visit our decoration show-room

To support you in this approach, Catherine Slaby, our interior designer, welcomes you in our showroom where you will find our materials library. This allows you to select in one location and at the same time all the materials that will decorate your living or working space: waxed concrete, tiles, parquet flooring, wall coverings, stretched ceiling, light fixtures...

Once the interior styling has been selected at the materials library, you can go one step further by discussing the furniture design with Catherine Slaby. Again, our show-room features a display of quality armchairs, sofas, tables, chairs, etc...

Finally, we push our attention to detail and our desire to be trendsetters by offering artisan design objects found in salons or even original artist paintings. Catherine Slaby's objective is to build with you the true personalization of your interior.

Feng Shui

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese art that seeks to balance the energies that surround us in our homes or our workspaces to create an ideal place to promote harmony, health, well-being, and success.

Catherine Slaby - an expert in Feng Shui, a graduate of the Ecole Française de Feng Shui - will be delighted to guide you, professional or individual during a survey or a consultation.

Applying the rules of traditional Feng Shui - Form school, Compass school, Flying Star - The expert Feng Shui performed by Catherine Slaby takes into account all the elements included in the decoration of the house, from the furniture layout, the shapes of the decorative objects to the harmonies of colours (each area of our lives can be strengthened by using the associated color), the choice of materials and the symbolism animating each interior space. When the Feng Shui is in place, we enjoy its benefits.