@ Byzance Design, the word "design" reveals its primary meaning: design, elaboration, drawing, but also having a design, a project.

Byzance Design brings together qualified professionals to concretize your construction or renovation projects.

Trusting Byzance Design is taking advantage of the framework of a family business and the skills of our architects, interior designers and contractors recognized for their know-how and selected for their skills in design and site management.

For any inquiries regarding architecture, construction, renovation, and decoration or a quotation, contact Byzance Design.

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The Byzance team is characterized by the alliance of different hubs: Architecture, Construction-Renovation and Decoration. To accompany you at every stage of your project.

Our Architects and Designers

Jonathan Slaby
MA "Architecture, Ambiances & Digital Cultures" - State Architect - ENSAG - 2017
According to an ecological perspective, the Master's degree program "Architecture, Ambiances & Digital Cultures", pedagogical section of the partnership chair of the Ministry of Culture and Communication and also backed by the cresson laboratory (UMR CNRS 1563), is the basis of the teaching of the theory and practice of architectural and urban design on the notion of atmosphere that constitutes both a horizon of conception and a modality of apprehension and evaluation of built and inhabited environments.
Bachelor of Art "Interior Architecture" - Athenaum School Lausanne - 2010

Fabien Conrad
MA "Interior Architecture, Global Environmental Design" - CREAD Lyon - 2013
State Certified Diploma (registered with the RNCP by the decree of 30/03/10 and published in the OJ of 10/04/10).

Charline Dumurger
MA "Interior Architecture and Design" - CREAD Lyon School - 2017
State Certified Diploma (registered with the RNCP by the decree of 30/03/10 and published in the OJ of 10/04/10).

Manon Damien
MA "Architecture and Human and Social Sciences" State Architect - ENSAL - 2017 - Town Planner - 2019.

"A team at your service to design, build and decorate your project."

& Architects

Discover our precast concrete building system and work together.

& Renovation

House, apart-hotel, restaurant, club-house. We deliver your life project, your commercial project.

Interior design
& Furniture

Floors, colours, materials, objects, furniture. We materialise your desire for well-being.


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